Parking Information

The 2022-2023 DCHS Parking Registration Form HERE

Please use this link to purchase a parking pass: My School Bucks

If your student does not receive their drivers license until a certain date, wait until your student has their license and then turn in all of the paperwork into the North Main office at that time.

Please make sure when turning in the paperwork that you have:

-signed the 1st page by parent & student

-initialed the second page by student

-made a copy of driver's license & proof of insurance

-proof of payment in My School Bucks
(attach a receipt copy, or have a digital receipt copy available via phone when turning in paperwork)

*We will not be accepting payment in the Main Office.  All payments must be made in My School Bucks.

Note: If a student has unpaid fees from previous years, the parking hangtag will not be processed until all fees are paid.

Go to MySchoolBucks to pay unpaid fees.