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Welcome to DCHS MYP Language Acquisition!

DCHS is proud to give students the opportunity to explore the world through the acquisition of French or Spanish language. As part of the MYP curriculum, second language acquisition is an essential skill for the next generation in an increasingly global society. MYP Language Acquisition is designed to build confidence in the use of the target language and to develop an appreciation of the global community. Vocabulary and grammar are integrated into speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students learn to communicate in a variety of situations with increasing complexity and develop an awareness and appreciation of the culture(s) of the countries in which the language is spoken.
*Did you know....?

Just learning a second language can lead to:

  •  Better understanding of your own language and cultural perspectives
  •  Increased ability in problem-solving and abstract thinking
  •  Enhanced listening and memory skills
  •  Expanded world-view and tolerance
  •  Deeper appreciation for history, works of art, and the interconnectedness of our world

And that actually gaining proficiency in that language can lead to:

  •  Courage and confidence when facing uncertainty
  • Increased opportunities in your career, business, travel and relationships
  • Healthier brain activity in general, diminished chance of dementia
  • Stronger ability to communicate clearly and effectively (in any language)
  • More effective decision-making skills
  • The ability to multi-task more efficiently
  • The ability to bring people together from different communities and backgrounds
  • The desire to learn more and more languages! 

We offer many levels of instruction in both languages, including AP and IB coursework. Students can actually receive college credits for successful completion of the AP/IB curriculum. Check out our course opportunities and pathways:

As bilinguals ourselves, we always work to support and incentivize all our bilingual students, whether that skill is a product of their own experiences or DCHS coursework.  

The Seal of Biliteracy rewards seniors who have achieved proficiency in more than one language. Students who fulfill these requirements are celebrated and the official seal is added to their transcript upon graduation. 

Introduction to Translation and Interpretation is an exciting new course addition to our department and school district. Students who are generally proficient in English and ANY language other than English are invited to register for this fascinating and practical semester course. 

These great clubs give students more opportunities to experience the target language and culture and share their appreciation with the school community. 

French Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society  

International Education Week Committee

Students who are interested in any of these special opportunities should contact the department chair, teacher or counselor for more information. 

For more information about grading, assessments, the learner profile and study tips, check out this document:

DCHS World Languages Overview.pdf

*Based on publications from Auburn University and 

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