World Languages

¡Bienvenido! Bienvenue 欢迎

(The DCHS World Language Department of Douglas County High School welcomes you!)

World Language Course Description:

MYP Language Acquisition is designed to build confidence in the use of the target language, to develop a sensitivity to the audience and to communicate information clearly. Vocabulary and grammar are integrated into speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students learn to communicate in a variety of situations by selecting language appropriate to the social context. Students are encouraged to develop an awareness and appreciation of the culture(s) of the countries in which the language is spoken The foundation of each course remains the acquisition of the target language.

World Language Grading information:

Students receive a criterion grade for skills assessments which is then converted to a percentage score in the gradebook. The assessment scores are weighted and have the most impact on the overall grade. In order to continue to the next level of language study, it is advised that students earn a minimum score of 4 on assessments and have a recommendation from their teacher. Students are also graded through tests, quizzes and projects. Strong study habits as well as regular attendance are an expectation of students in order to be successful in all levels of World Language classes.

DCHS World Language Learner Profile

In Language Acquisition classes, our students:



are encouraged to ask questions related to the theme/topic discussed in class and related to their own personal lives. They are encouraged to refine their own personal styles through research--learning both independently and with others.


are given the opportunity to explore, deepen their knowledge, and develop their understandings of concepts, ideas, local and global issues.


are asked to think critically, in the target language, of complex global questions such as: immigration, education, and other social issues that require intercultural competence.


are required to communicate and collaborate in the target language in both oral and written work. For instance, students work together on group projects and presentations.


are expected to respect the dignity of themselves, their classmates, the language and culture they are studying, and the classroom of which they are a part. Students are aware that they are responsible and accountable for their own integrity.


are encouraged to appreciate their own culture and personal histories in the light of the perspectives of the values and traditions of other cultures.


are encouraged to respect the attempts of classmates in speaking the target language. They volunteer to make a positive impact on their peers through volunteering and helping them.


are expected to be risk-takers in using the target language at all times incorporating newly learned material. They are encouraged to be resourceful and resilient when facing the unique challenges of learning a new language.


are expected to hone all four of the skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in the target language. They are expected to acquire a balanced perspective of the world around them.


are expected to reflect upon their unique strengths and limitations in the classroom, so as to achieve a balance of skills and knowledge of the target language and the cultures associated. They are willing to grow from their learning experiences.