The Technology Department of DCHS has two primary foci:


The curriculum of the DCHS Technology department focuses primarily on the Computer Programming aspect of Computer Science. There are currently 3 semester long classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced computer science students. However, this fall we are excited to also offer AP Computer Science Principles and IB Computer Science SL. These two new courses will be year long courses that give a broader overview of computer science.


The Technology Department of DCHS also seeks to train teachers in how to best effectively use technology tools in instruction and provide for technology needs for the classroom. With the expansion of options available on the internet, it is important to help teachers find tools that are not just temporary gimmicks to improve engagement, but tools that really engage learners into creating, collaborating, critically thinking, and communicating - while teaching them valuable skills for living in the 21st century.

Roger McKnight
Technology Coordinator
Becky Schaefer staff photo
Becky Schaefer
Tech I