Instructional Support Services

Instructional Support Services

Instructional Support Services are available to any and all students’ who are struggling in a class or classes and are in need of additional support outside the general education classroom. This includes but is not limited to students’ who qualify with a modified education program (IEP and 504). Placements into a specialized program is accomplished by an official procedure, beginning with a pre-referral meeting, which may recommend a complete evaluation on the referred student. This procedure culminates in a formal staff meeting, and at this time, placement into a modified program is determined according to state law.

Tricia Anderson staff photo
Tricia Anderson, Social Worker 303.387.1081

Jennifer Anton staff photo
Jennifer Anton

Sunny Arbogast staff photo
Sunny Arbogast

Ron Axworthy staff photo
Ron Axworthy

Scott Benton staff photo
Scott Benton

Jeanne Bowler staff photo
Jeanne Bowler

Becci Campbell staff photo
Becci Campbell

Jamie Chaulk staff photo
Jamie Chaulk, Speech Language Pathologist

Joy Dasher staff photo
Joy Dasher

Tara Dennehy staff photo
Tara Dennehy

  Kaila Denton

Amanda Dixon staff photo
Amanda Dixon

Gene Hill staff photo
Gene Hill

Jennifer Kincaid staff photo
Jennifer Kincaid

Brianna Kopenhafer staff photo
Brianna Kopenhafer

Nathan Kopenhafer staff photo
Nathan Kopenhafer

Ed Lee staff photo
Ed Lee

Joy Lewis staff photo
Joy Lewis

Trina Lovato-Quattlebaum staff photo
Trina Lovato-Quattlebaum

  Olivia Luman

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Greg Peterson

Thomas Ritz staff photo
Thomas Ritz

Amanda Rowley staff photo
Amanda Rowley

Ashley Strong staff photo
Ashley Strong

  Hanna Tegel

Erica Tewell staff photo
Erica Tewell

Cindy Thomas staff photo
Cindy Thomas, PACK

  Christopher Veto

Anna Vick staff photo
Anna Vick, PACK

Brandi Vos staff photo
Brandi Vos, School Psychologist

  Wendy Wells

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Heather Wilson