2019 Welcome & Updates

From Dr. Steven Fleet, IB Coordinator

Students, as you begin to turn your minds back to the requirements of school, back to
schedules and expectations and regulations and due dates and grades, you must remember to breathe. You will be overloaded during the first weeks with lists of assignments and policies. I know that it will seem overwhelming…all that must be done to complete a year and all that must be done to meet the demands of the International Baccalaureate.

It does not all need to be done at once and you will have time for family, friends,
extracurriculars and exercise. In fact, you need to make time for everything that you value…
including sleep. I cannot overstate the importance of “mindfulness.” Your awareness that
difficulties can be overcome by maintaining a clear sense of priorities and by keeping organized provides the key to success. The students who get the most out of their education maintain a balance in their lives that activates the pursuit of learning by assuring individual control over the process.

You control your education…you need to take time to step back and remind yourself that
hundreds of International Baccalaureate students have made it work at Douglas County High
School and that thousands will make it work world-wide this year. Have fun during these years, enjoy your classes, and enjoy interacting with fellow students and take advantage of the experience that our faculty has to offer.

As our International Baccalaureate community enters its third decade we can confidently say
that we can present the opportunities for you to succeed and that we know we must all be
committed to emphasizing the need to take care of each other and ourselves.