Attendance Information

Attendance Line:
Please call our Automated, 24-hour Attendance Line at 303-387-1002, or the main switchboard at 303-387-1000 ext. 1, for reporting absences, late arrivals, and early releases. ONLY PARENTS/GUARDIANS CAN CALL THE ATTENDANCE LINE; STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CALL THEMSELVES IN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. You must call within 48 hours of the absence in order to get it excused; any absence will remain unexcused if the Attendance Office has not been contacted by a parent within a 48-hour period.

Option 1: Late Arrival

Option 2: Early Release (please give at least one hour notice to ensure your student is given a pass in time to sign out)

Option 3: All Day Absence

Option 4: Remote Absence (late, early, all day, or partial)
Attendance Procedures:
Students are required to sign out BEFORE leaving the school campus. If they are going to an appointment over lunch or an off hour they still need to sign out before leaving in case there is an emergency and/or their appointment runs late. Absences cannot be excused without the student signing out and the school receiving communication from a parent/guardian. A student will be given a pass to leave class and to sign out when an early release is requested during a class period. A student will not receive a pass if they are to leave during a passing period, lunch, or an off hour in their schedule but will still be required to sign out before leaving.

Students are required to sign in as soon as they arrive at school if it is past their scheduled start time that day. If a student is signing in during a passing period, they will sign in and go to their next class. If a student is signing in during a class period, they will sign in and receive a pass to take to their teacher.  An absence cannot be excused without the student signing in and the school receiving communication from a parent/guardian.

If a student feels ill and needs to leave class to go home, the student must go to the health room in either the North Office or South Office where the student's parent/guardian will be notified.
Extended Absences:

If a student is going to be absent from school for more than two days for any reason other than an emergency or a medical reason, please understand that the student is responsible for all missed work due to the absence.

Please fill out the Extended Absence form after communicating with teachers PRIOR to your student’s absence that will be for more than two school days. When a student is going to miss 3 or more days, this form is required to excuse their absences. There are paper copies of the form that a student can pick up from the North or South office that they will take to all of their teachers to sign if you prefer.

If a student is missing due to illness, surgery, or any medical reason, please email a copy of the note from the doctor that includes why the student will be missing school and the date that they can return to as well as fill out the extended absence form. We understand that for illness and some other medical circumstances, advance notice to teachers may not be possible. We encourage you and your student to communicate with teachers or at least the student’s school counselor or administrator as soon as possible.

Extended Absence Form

Formulario de Asistencia Extendida

Consistent Attendance
Please remember that students are much more likely to perform well in their classes if they are consistently in attendance. Being absent is a stress on students who find themselves having to do make-up work while keeping up with current assignments. Please make it a priority, unless it is unavoidable, to have your child in school for all of their daily classes. Please be considerate when deciding to take your student out of school. Every time a student comes into a class late, or leaves a class early, it affects the learning of everyone in that classroom. Our goal is to have as few classroom disruptions as possible during the school day so that maximum learning can take place.
Douglas County High School Attendance Policy:
Here is a link to the Douglas County High School Attendance Policy.