Attendance Information

Attendance Line
Please call our Automated, 24-hour Attendance Line at 303-387-1002, or the main switchboard at 303-387-1000 ext. 1, for reporting absences, late arrivals, and early releases.
When a student arrives at school late, they must sign in at the Attendance Office (North or South Building), and a parent must excuse that tardy in order for it to be excused.
Any absence will remain unexcused if the Attendance Office has not been contacted by a parent within a 48-hour period. Absences will not be excused for students who leave campus for a Release Period and do not return, unless pre-approval has been obtained through the Attendance Office.

Consistent Attendance
Please remember that students are much more likely to perform well in their classes if they are consistently in attendance. Being absent is a stress on students who find themselves having to do make-up work while keeping up with current assignments. Please make it a priority, unless it is unavoidable, to have your child in school for all of their daily classes. Please be considerate when deciding to take your student out of school. Every time a student comes into a class late, or leaves a class early, it affects the learning of everyone in that classroom. Our goal is to have as few classroom disruptions as possible during the school day so that maximum learning can take place.

Attendance Procedures
The easiest way to ensure your student leaves school for an early dismissal at the necessary time is to have your student bring a note with the student's name; date; time the student needs to leave; the reason for leaving; and parent signature to their teacher. The student then takes the note to the Attendance Office where they sign out. The absence cannot be excused if the student does not sign out. If there is an unexpected emergency and a parent needs to have their student released early, the parent needs to come in to the school and sign out the student.
If a student feels ill and needs to leave class to go home, the student must to go to the health room in either the North Office or South Office where the student's parent will be notified.

Extended Absences
If a student is going to be absent from school for more than two days for any reason other than an emergency or a medical reason, please understand that the student is responsible for all missed work due to the absence. There is a required form available in the office which they need to take to their teachers to help them communicate the absence.

Please see the Student Agenda Handbook for more Attendance Policies/Procedures.