DCHS Graduation 2022

Important Dates for Graduates

GRADUATION – Tuesday, May 24th

  • Date – Tuesday, May 24th @ 10:00 am at Echo Park Stadium (11901 Newlin Gulch Blvd, Parker, CO 80134).  The ceremony lasts approximately an hour and a half.
  • Gates open at 9:00 am and you will be informed of what side you park and sit on in order to see your child receive their diploma and walk across the stage.
  • Seating at the 2022 graduation ceremony will be specific to a certain “quadrant” and that information will be shared the week of May 16th – May 20th via School Messenger, IC Messenger (for parents/families) and Canvas (for the students).  Please be on the lookout for that information as we will also cover where students will sit during our scheduled rehearsal and best parking as well as gate entry for you to best see your graduating senior.  These quadrants will be assigned by their Homeroom teacher and students will be expected to sit with their Homeroom class.
  • Each graduating senior will be allocated a certain number of tickets based on their Homeroom attendance.  We started this expectation on September 9, 2021.  Below is the amount of Homeroom periods students can MISS in order to receive the certain ticket allotment.  There were 53 Homeroom periods this school year from September 92021 – May 13, 2022:
    • 8 tickets = 80% of 53 = must have been present in at least 42 homeroom classes (could miss up to 11 homeroom periods).
    • 6 tickets = 79% - 51% of 53 = must have been present in at least 41-27 homeroom classes (could miss up to 12 – 26 class periods).
    • 4 tickets = 50% - 30% of 53 = must have been present in at least 26-16 homeroom classes (could miss up to 27 – 37 class periods).
    • 2 tickets = 49% and below of 53 = must have been present in at least 15 homeroom classes.
  • You are able to check your child’s attendance on Infinite Campus and count how many they have missed.  The ONLY homeroom classes that are EXCUSED and WON’T COUNT against the aforementioned totals are SCHOOL SPONSORED ACTIVITIES (“ACT” code in IC).
  • Please note the ticket allotment above is for first entry into the stadium at 9:00 am.  Additional guests will be allowed entry after 9:30 am.
  • Tickets will be placed in all seniors’ envelopes that will be picked up with the rest of their graduation regalia along with their caps and gowns AFTER graduation practice on Monday, May 23rd
  • Per DCSD Board Policy – graduating seniors are NOT ALLOWED to decorate their mortarboards.
  • Graduates are encouraged to dress appropriately for the ceremony.  Please NO TENNIS SHOES, NO HATS, NO JEANS.


  • Graduation Practice is MANDATORY and will be on Monday, May 23rd from 11:00 am – 12:45 pm (we will hold practice at DCHS).  All graduating seniors will need to meet in the North Gym by 10:45 am.
  • Graduating seniors will pick up their caps & gowns, regalia (cords/stoles/pins) and tickets AFTER practice in the North Gym starting at 12:45 pm.


  • All INVITED seniors involved in HONORS CONVOCATION – it will be held on MONDAY, May 23rd at 6:30 pm in the Main Gym.  Seniors involved in Honors Convocation are formally “invited” to participate in the ceremony and are asked to wear their graduation cap/gown and regalia that evening.  Parents/families are welcome to attend with their graduate.
  • Invitations to Honors Convocation will be sent out the week of May 16th – 20th.

GRADUATION “CLAP OUT” – Monday, May 23rd

  • We will be doing something new this year.  We have worked with each of the Douglas County High School feeder elementary schools to create an opportunity for our graduating seniors to return to where their educational careers started.
  • The date of the “Clap Outs” will be on Monday, May 23rd starting at 1:30 pm.  They are asked to wear their caps and gowns and will follow a parade route that is established by the elementary principal and will walk the halls in their caps and gowns while the elementary students come out and clap for them and see where they will be in the future.  Please know that that each elementary school could have other activities planned for their graduating seniors – it is up to them what they want to do to celebrate them.  This is a voluntary option but something we are really encouraging ALL of our graduates to partake in.
  • If your child did NOT attend a DCHS feeder elementary, they can join a friend and go with them to the feeder of their choice to participate in this activity.


  • For those of you who ordered senior yard signs for your graduate(s), they will be ready for pick on Monday, May 2nd in the SOUTH BUILDING from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm (outside the main office).

**There will be NO CAR PARADE this year.  The Clap Out will replace that activity.**